Camera blinks on and off for a second..anyone else?


I have reached out to support, I get the generic response to my problem and questions I have already answered in my detailed request for help and have not heard head back after five hours of staying on line in the help chat.

My camera flickers on and off the sounds is fine. I only have my camera do this on Doxy, not FaceTime or Skype. I have cleared cookies, restarted my computer and browsers with no change for three weeks.

Anyone have advice or have had the happen?


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This has been happening to me and other therapists in my practice for weeks now. It happens with all different browsers and restarting computer doesn’t help. No help from doxy.

Yes! This has been happening to me as well only with Doxy (not Zoom, FaceTime, etc.).
I reached out via the chat for support today and will post if I get any helpful feedback but I’m not hopeful based on both of your experiences. Any other ideas?

This seems to be a widespread issue, we have providers complaining about this as well. Are you on a Mac computer? Contacted and opened ticket with support. @Dylan @doxysupport @Colin is tech support aware and actively working on this issue? Multiple threads have been posted in the past few days reporting similar “flickering behavior”

I am having this trouble too! Help!

My image is flashing off and on during sessions even though my internet is fine. It’s a doxy issue because it is not happening with zoom. Suggestions?

Yes I have the same problem. Would love to hear a solution.