Camera flickering

The built in camera on my mac has been flickering during calls. The green light will turn off for about 1 second, then I’ll see my video preview flicker for about 1 second. I do not lose sound connection during this. My clients report seeing the flicker of me as well. I have tested zoom and googlemeet since this began occurring and it appears to only occur when I am using doxy. I have tried to update my computer and clear the NVRAM and PRAM (as instructed by apple) but this did not resolve the issue. Any thoughts?

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I tried using firefox today and did not experience the same issue. Any thoughts on why it would occur only in chrome and how to fix it?

I’ve been experiencing the same problem starting from last week. I’ve been using Chrome too. Other video platforms I used worked normally, so I think it is more likely to be a software/website issue. I have not tried using any other browsers though.

We also have providers reporting this behavior. Will be contacting support regarding this, but hopefully someone may see this thread if it gets enough replies.

I have the same issue, only when using doxy. I also have been using Chrome, so I will try another browser.