Camera/Mic unavailable in Edge browser when navigating to Doxy.ME personal/shared room

I’m able to repeat an issue our client providers and patients generally experience when first launching Doxy.ME in the Microsoft Edge browser.

When navigating directly to the waiting room (i.e.<waiting_room_name>), they encounter a black box with a spinning circle appearing where their camera image should. They may also receive an image that displays the text “No access to webcam”.

I’ve verified within the browser settings that the camera and mic are set to allow access. I’ve also cleared browser cookies. I am currently working with our Doxy support team. Wanted to post here for visibility and to see if others have/are experiencing.

I’ve been able to repeat this issue both within our VPN and outside of our network. Issue does not appear to occur on phones, just PC.

The workaround for this issue is to have users right-click and select “Refresh” to reload the browser.
This seems to work 100% of the time, or has to this point. They need to perform this prior to entering into a call.

Microsoft Edge browser version: 89.0.774.76 and 90.0.818.46

Thank you!

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I had this problem several times this week.