Camera not being recognized

My camera shows the following error message: “We can’t connect your camera.” When I run the doxybot my camera and mic turn on, and am told everything is working. I have reset permissions in Chrome, restarted my browser, and restarted my computer. I have chrome and outlook running, nothing else. I have never had this problem before and have been using the free version for a year or so. I upgraded to the Pro version, now it won’t work. Does anyone have any ideas?

Go to account settings and room settings and try setting the default to low definition. And let me know if that makes any difference. You might need to save and then refresh the page.

I have a similar problem. I get an error message that says that another program is using my camera. That other program is TouchCam or YouCam. The only time I have seen this program is about 3 minutes after I start a session on TouchCam is pretty primitive looking and seems to be about using the video and putting funny faces and hats on the image. It is consistent and persistent and I can’t find it on my computer even though it has installed a bunch of files to save the funny pictures. It seems to be using as a Trojan to install. Has anyone else dealt with this? What did you do?

I have a counselor in our practice with a basic account. It worked fine for the last week, but now they are getting a similar error to yours. Her’s says “We can’t connect to your camera. Try closing other apps that might be using your camera and restart the browser.” I have reset the camera permissions, restarted the browser, updated the camera drivers and restarted the computer, several times. I have also checked the camera settings in Chrome and attempted to close any programs that might be using the camera. When I run the “Pre-call test” I can see that the camera is working, and I can see people when they are in the waiting room. I can even connect to patients and see them. However, they can not see the therapist. What is the issue? Someone suggested that this was something Doxy was doing to throttle free accounts. I would like to believe it is some sort of hardware issue, but I’m not sure what else I can check?

I am experiencing the same issue: "We can’t connect to your camera. Try closing other apps that might be using your camera and restart the browser.”According to the “Pre-Call Test” all is working. Would appreciate some help, please.

Go to dashboard>account settings>Room Settings>default video quality, and change it to low definition. Close the browser and restart. It worked for me!

I tried that, but i don’t have the option to set camera to low definition; probably because i am using the free version?

I’m experience same issue. Camera and mic are being blocked by chrome which is holding on the them. Camera and mic function fine for Skype, which is a self-contaned app, not a chrome app. I’ve checked all the settings as described by our colleagues. No luck. Can please help?!

Good news for fellow tech sufferers. Having checked all the settings (again again…), I then ran a precall test. doxy was allowed camera and mic access. I’m hoping a precall test will solve this issue should it arise again in the future. Watch this space.