Camera stays blocked after unblocking (iPhone/Safari/Firefox)

I am the IT manager at our practice. We chose Doxy because of our high concentration of older, less techie patients. Doxy allows us to do telehealth without having to worry about the patient installing an app.

However, in a not insignificant number of cases, we are having issues with cameras/microphones still being blocked after unblocking it when prompted. This is occurring on the patient end.

The issue appears to only occur on iPhones and Androids where Safari or Firefox is the default browser. We have not tested using chrome or Firefox on iPhones. Android devices using Chrome do not appear to have this issue. The issue occurs with multiple versions of Safari 12 and later.

Basically, when the patient clicks the link for the call to begin, they are prompted (per normal) to enable camera and microphone. They accept the request and they are kicked out of the call. They rejoin the call and the process repeats itself. We have demonstrated on our own devices that if you go into the browser settings and manually set the camera and microphone to allowed, it works as expected. However, setting it to prompt results in the above described issue.

We cannot advise our patients to make full browser changes to their security settings, as we cannot predict what liability issues may arise if they encounter malicious issues with their devices. Furthermore, as a significant number of our patients are elderly and not very tech savvy, it is not feasible for us to try to coach them through making settings changes on their devices.

I know you all over quite overworked, at the moment, but if there is not a known quick fix for this already in place, I’d appreciate being able to chat with someone on the phone. We can schedule some troubleshooting time where I can have some test devices at my disposal.

Cheers and thanks in advance!

One thing we have found is to end the actual phone call with the patient prior to their hitting “check in”. Doxy wants to compete for the mic and camera. We also have the patients go into the browser app and make sure the camera and mic are on. So on an iphone–>safari–> camera and mic on THEN go into Chrome and make sure they are on.

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The issue occurs while the phone is only being used for the Doxy call. No phone call is being done at the same time. As I said, for liability and feasibility reasons, we cannot advise our customers to make security changes to their device that affect the entire browser. It’s one thing for them to accept the request to use the camera. It’s quite another to ask them to change the default security settings on their phone.

Besides, the whole point of Doxy is for it to be easy. Asking patients to make settings changes to their phone manually is not easy for a lot of people.

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@cscott but if their browser settings are “locked down” to not allow camera/mic access and you don’t want to advise them to make browser setting changes then game over and they can’t use nearly any video platform, correct? :innocent:

Right, but this is happening when browser are set to “ask”, too, not just when it’s set to deny/block. In this scenario, the prompt they get when they join the call should suffice to giving them permission.

Aloha. I successfully recreated this scenario on my own device. To have my iPhone return to the “Ask” setting,

  1. Kill Safari via app switcher
  2. iPhone Settings > Safari > Camera (and Mic) > Allow
  3. Close Settings
  4. Open Safari
  5. Repeat (w/ exception of #2 - set to Ask)

Best of luck! Pandemics make us reconsider lots of policies.