Camera stopped working

Hello all. My camera stopped working when I clicked on it. Capture|225x231

Closed Chrome browser, rebooted, still the same. went into Chrome settings, camera is allowed.
Any suggestions?


Hi there
Sounds like a privacy setting or the latest update of Chrome may have changed something. We have an article in our Help Center with steps on how to manually enable your camera on computers and mobile devices.
And of course you are welcome to reach out to customer support. With the Pro and Clinic versions, we can troubleshoot with you live.
Have you tried taking the precall test?

None of my clients can hear me. I can hear them

Hi, if they can’t hear you it’s either because your microphone isn’t working, or their speakers aren’t working.

If it’s your microphone :

  • Restart your browser
  • Restart your computer

If it’s their speakers :

If this doesn’t help, check out other suggestions in our help center.