Camera unavailable

When I log in, I’m told that a camera can not be captured; however, the camera appears to be working fine in Photo Booth, so I don’t understand.

Does anyone have suggestions?

At the bottom of the website there is a help bubble where you can chat with live tech support. They are super helpful! Best of luck

It might be a permission issue at either the browser level or the operating system leave. See this article for more information:

But basically ensure in your browser settings you’ve allowed access. And then again in the operating system’s privacy/security settings you’ve allowed the browser to have access to your camera/microphone.

That happened to me recently, and I had been confused because I knew I allowed permission on my Internet Browser for the camera. When I dug deeper into my new laptop’s computer system itself, sure enough, I had to allow access there too. I think it was somewhere in the Control Panel and then in Hardware and Devices near where you’d set up mouse and monitors. I just looked through the built in camera settings and toggled one change to get it to work. Hope that helps!