Camera will not work

Is anyone else having difficulty getting the camera to work on doxy but it works on other sites?

sometimes and then my pts say this never happens on zoom

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Camera doesn’t work, or fuzzy, broken picture, they can’t hear me. We both have to reboot. Sometimes it is taking too long and we switch to the phone. My Deaf pts can’t switch to the phone. 1 out of 50 calls works well. This has to be fixed. Some pts just beg to use Zoom or FaceTime even though there are no security features( I have to chart that) Please, please fix this. All these problems are known to you and have been for two years. Get an IT staff that can handle your platform. Frustrated beyond belief.

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For about two weeks now when I first try to log on I have to reboot several times to get my camera to work.

Yes, I also have a few clients who cannot cannot via video. The system lags when starting so I can tell when it’s not going to work.

Yes it has never worked. I use Zoom.

Yes- I will continue until my membership expires- thank God i did monthly- I have been researching other more viable and technologically sound platforms- will be switching March 1st!!
@doxysupport does not hear or take into account the users needs, feedback, suggestions etc… not to mention the platforms inability to maintain a client call for goodness sake-its an archaic platform to say the least!
Thanks for listening

I have the same issue and it is very annoying

our camera connection problem seems to be intermittent but most consistent in a specific room. we have 3 rooms setup with a camera that we use for the video calls. generally, they all work pretty consistently except one. the intermittent room uses a microsoft lifecam and the other two use logitech cams. we’ve not tested these computers with other video conferencing platforms to check the results. usually restarting the call or closing the window and reopening works for us.

I am also having these problems for 2 weeks now. I end up using my google workspace “meet” platform more often than not. I plan to stop using this software if it continues.

So far, my experience has been OK, but not perfect. However, I use Windows computers. It seems like my clients who use Apple devices have the most trouble. This is especially true if they use Safari. Most of the time, if they use Chrome, it works better. The best thing is to use Windows or Android devices with Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Hi everyone, thank you for starting this discussion. The reason cameras cannot be accessed can happen for a variety of reasons, and to best help, it’s best if we can work with each specific case. If you let us know in what room, and approximately what time the errors occurred we can dig into the logs and recommend steps to fix the underlying issues specific to the device/person impacted. You can let us know at

For a generic help article on the topic we have Unable to See Patient (or Patient Unable to See Me) | Help Center

And then for more specific help on this topic, we have Troubleshooting | Help Center

I don’t like giving generic answers to specific problems, but it’s the best I can do in a discussion thread. If you reach out to us individually with the information above we will gladly and quickly help dig into the issues and come back we recommendations to fix the issues and how to prevent it in the future.

I had unusual camera issues several times last week and had to switch to another platform where I had no issues at all. I think doxy needs to do some testing themselves across multiple platforms as there is obviously something going on that is specific to doxy. If the problem is occurring with multiple clients and it’s working no problem on another platform, I’m certainly not going to spend the time digging through your troubleshooting materials.

I am unable to grant permission in system preference for my laptop to use video and voice while on doxy and google meets

I believe that it happens on the patient’s side when their cellular connection is not strong enough for video. There should be a way to reduce the resolution so the video demands are decreased.

Client experiences spotty camera consistency and audio stopping for no apparent reason.

I have been using doxy about 14 months. In the past few weeks I have had to reboot a few times and then everything works fine. Some clients seem fuzzy but in rural WV lots of people have poor reception and depend on cell phones, hot spots or going “up the road”. With a few clients it works better if I sign on after they do----not sure why.

Hello counterparts, whatever, you figured out please share. I’m new to this haven’t used the system has yet. I’m also seeking info on insurance enrollment, Telehealth CPT codes, and cash charges. I live in Florida. Please share, thanks