Can I have more than one patient on per meeting

Trying to get more than one individual on Doxy at the same time is that possible or this this solely for me and the client?

Hi there
You can meet with up to 9 clients plus yourself at one time. They would just each need to check into your waiting room. If you are wanting another staff member or provider to be able to have access to share waiting rooms and be under the same account, this is available when you sign up for our Clinic solution.

Thank you i think i figured it out I just found that when I had a couple guests on at the same time they’d freeze up or say that their camera was off when in fact it wasnt?

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Glad that you figured it out. The freezing can be due to one of both sides of the session not quite having enough bandwidth which we can test with you to determine that and make adjustments as well as pass tips onto your patients. Group calls are a bit more demanding on computers and phones as well as the wifi network.