Can I start in HD?

I’ve been told you guys won’t allow calls to start in HD due to patients not necessarily having the bandwidth. The problem with that is that virtually every session now starts with my having to reset the definition to hi-def, which causes a brief freeze/lag. As a therapist, it’s not at all good for the therapeutic alliance. I hope you guys will consider a change, so that the call can start in HD if possible. Thanks.

Hi @dodestherapy thank you for posting. When I tried this, it saved the last setting I was on. So this is strange. I’ll ask my team to look into it. If you would like a faster, individualized investigate feel free to reach out to and they should be able to figure out if there is something wonky with the settings on your account that is preventing the correct behavior

Thank you for your post, @dodestherapy. I have confirmed with the technology team that when you change the video resolution, your selection is used as the new default for all future calls. If that is not the behavior you are experiencing, please reach out to for help finding and resolving this issue.