Can we use a Meta Portal for video links?

Hello. I would like to know if Doxy would work on a Meta Portal. I understand it has a link to browser and it seems like some of the features on the MP would be useful in doing teletherapy, ie reducing background noise, follows so you can probably stand during session… Is there anything in the works for this?
Patricia Barnes

Sounds like you would need a BAA from Meta (Facebook) to make sure privacy is being maintained under HIPAA. We looked at those and decided against it due to the track record and how difficult that would be to pull off.

Hi @patriciacbarnes, our goal is to continue to offer more integrations with to help enhance our provider’s telehealth experience. You’ve likely noticed Extension (or Telehealth Tools) in the sidebar recently. This is where we plan to offer these types of integrations. We will be deliberate about vetting all extensions and making sure that you can use them securely, trusting that all of your calls will remain HIPAA compliant while using