Can't acess any room of my clinic

I can’t acess any room of my clinic as of 15 minutes now…
I have 7 doctors on duty…
the message is


It appears that clinic doesn’t exist

Please confirm the spelling of the domain, and try again.

Can anyone please contact me?

I know this issue was resolved this morning after about 10 minutes, but I still find an issue with Doxy.ME communication.
Order of how I heard about this unplanned downtime:
9:12 AM EST - Users begin to contact me - showing screenshots of issue when logging in
9:18 AM EST - I see taleb’s post e-mail notification.

At this point I’m busy getting communication out and I being trying to contact support at 1-844-436-9963 - multiple attempts but unable to reach anyone. Again, have to understand by this time a page is out, I have to get word to our help desk. I’ve got 3 or 4 pings asking what’s going on.
9:19 AM EST - I reach out to a great Doxy.ME rep who’s name I won’t supply. But they answer when they see its me. At this time, to my surprise, they mention service has been restored and users should be able to login. I attempt login again and it works. Understand issue still being investigated but having it work is all my users are going to care about.
9:39 AM EST - First email update I get from Doxy.ME - Still investigating but no mention that some users are able to login again.

Somehow I don’t seem to be getting proper communication updates from Doxy.ME.
It’s putting me in a very awkward position.

Issue solved.
Thank you


Thanks for letting us know and giving us a glimpse of what it is like from your perspective. I completely understand your frustration. I took a look at the status page post for yesterday’s incident and it looks like the initial post created at 9:15am EST did not have the notifications triggered. This appears to have been an error on our part in the heat of the moment while raising the flags internally.

At the time of the second update (9:38 EST), we were seeing improvements but had not yet received the all clear from our engineering team. I hear your feedback noting no mention of improvements to the system performance. That is something we can improve on going forward.

For the third update (9:56 EST), we had received confirmation that the incident had not been reproduced for a short period of time. That is when we were ready to let everyone know we were in the clear. Again, this update did not trigger the notifications, and we should have sent the alert.

In order to try to prevent this mistake of not sending an alert in the future, we have added an extra step in our process to doublecheck that requirement for unexpected downtimes or outages. We also do recommend to everyone to check directly if it seems like there is a large issue such as this one and they haven’t seen an alert.