Can't hear clients

Has anyone else had trouble hearing their clients this week? In the past, they could log back on, and we’d have sound. That solution hasn’t been working lately, though.


Yes! This and difficulty effecting some connections has been a big issue for me this week. I have had to use the phone for several sessions due to technical issues.


So far, I have still been able to reconnect the calls and get the sound back, but it is happening with every session now. It is also occurring where my clients cannot hear me, which has never been the case before.


Today I had that problem with a client (She could hear me but I could not hear her).
I had her log off and sent her a new link.
I also told her to click the “pre-call check” button.
The second time it worked okay.


I’ve been having this problem for weeks—very low or no volume. Sometimes reconnecting works, but more and more often it does not. Having the patient use headphones works, but that is a nuisance for the patient. It seems to happen with both iPhone and Android.


Yes. Terrible. Have had to use my land line phone


Yes, complaints about low volume and can’t hear me for several weeks now. Had to resort to another platform several times.


Me too! We do video through doxy and use phone for sound. Any suggestions?


I get voice distortion of my clients voice. I have to restart my iphone to correct it, which happens daily.

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I had hoped that someone from Doxy would contribute to this thread with an answer, but I guess not. I’ve been using my phone too, and it works fine. It’s demoralizing to pay money for this service, though, and not be able to truly connect.

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What is the other platform ?

I also have had a terrible problem in my clients unable to hear me. The company suggested that I upgrade my operating system which I did with no benefit. The problem persists

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I found that closing ALL my open programs AND having the patient close ALL their open programs fixes it just fine. Frustrating, huh?!

Yes-- doing all of that is a pain! It’s better than having no sound, though, with clients who can’t use their phone at the same time.

I’m having similar issues. I’ve tried different devices and different connections, but even when I finally get connected and the connection is Green, it will go to red within a matter of seconds and the video/audio will freeze.

Yup, the sound has been much lower for a few weeks now. It’s slightly better this week but still too low. It’s not helpful to have to focus so much on hearing rather than listening. Does the admin read these comments for feedback?

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I had the same issue today. I also am wondering can you have two people sign on at the same time from different sites without the upgrade?

I can’t hear my clients. It’s been going on for over a month. I’ve had to offer them other options. Is the site going to address this problem? I wrote to them but haven’t received an answer.

I also have the problem with sporadically not being able to hear people, despite using phone for sound, using chrome with nothing else open on my end or theirs. The lack of reliability is becoming a great concern making me wonder about being able to continue with this platform.

I welcome a fix.

I was told today that its potentially due to the browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari) not being up to date. This could be causing some of the issues. Worth trying an update to see if anything improves.