Can't hear patient

Doxy was working fine this morning on my Mac with safari. Starting at 1 pm today (10/1/20), I was unable to hear 3 patients in a row despite restarting the calls. When I switched to Doximity on the same computer, no problem so it is not my computer or audio system. 3 in a row sounds like a glitch in the system.


me too! I am writing more to reach 20 characters.

on 10/2, unable to hear about half my patients. Random as to why. Works fine on doximity so doesn’t seem to be the patient’s phone.

I had no patient sound today, Oct 6, using Chrome. The patient could hear me. It happened on 2 patients.

Try to restart your computer. Sometimes the browser points to the wrong speakers, especially if you use other video tech (the browser gets confused). Restarting the computer resolves the issue 98% of the time.