Can't see can't hear the list goes on

The past 2 weeks have been full of frustration. Every other session is impacted by some technical issue. The sessions either won’t start at all or I’ll be in 10 minutes or 30 minutes or 45 minutes and then everything freezes up. These are psychotherapy meetings where an interruption in the dialogue can mean something. I realize the technology isn’t where needs to be for this to be foolproof. However the frequency of disruptions seems significant. I always feel powerless to do anything about it. If any suggestion to remedy the issues takes longer than 5 minutes I can’t do it. I am working and I am not skilled enough to be my own IT person. Discouraged and frustrated. This has been going on since I signed up in March. Not sure there is an answer.


For the last 2 weeks, it has not been working at all for me. I hear and see my clients but they do not hear nor see me. If you are in Psychology Today, they have developed an equivalent which has been a life saver for me. You should check it out.


Same here. I’m about to find other platforms to use. This isn’t workable at all.


I switched to zoom months ago, and downgraded to free doxy as a backup platform. no regrets

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Zoom is not hipaa compliant. Try Psychology Today

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I finally had to give up on Doxy entirely. I can’t use a platform that is unreliable. It is frustrating for client and therapist alike, uses up time that they are paying for, and makes me look unprofessional.

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I have noticed that if patients are using Firefox it is not working well.
Chrome works much better.


Is the Psychology Today option HIPPA compliant?

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Same issues. I have given up and switched to Sessions and have had a positive experience so far with their platform.

I have also struggled with doxy and have switched to VidHealth. It also does not work at all if the patient is using Safari, but I have had no problems with Google.

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Hello Pat,
What is the download speed on your current internet connection? If you don’t know, open your browser and google “speed test.” The result should tell you how many meg up and down your internet provider is supplying. When I started with Doxy, I was had only 15 meg download speed. It worked, but froze up on nearly every call. When I switched providers (now 60 meg download) most of those problems disappeared.

I have also had a rough two weeks. Sessions not starting up and several dropped connections, over and over. Reading these posts validates my perspective that this is just not going to work for me. I will hold on to it for while longer and switch to psychology today, which I have used a couple of times with success. It is exhausting enough to do therapy online without all of these technical issues, and it is extremely unfair to clients.


So far as I can see, the new version of Firefox (which may have been installed automatically, so you may not even know you’ve got it) isn’t compatible with doxy. I had the problem with clients not seeing or hearing me, but on doxy’s suggestion switched to Chrome and have had no trouble since.


Thank you Kathi. You described my experience exactly. I am in the process right now of looking for another platform that is more dependable. There are so many to choose from. Plan to check in with a couple of my colleagues to see what they are using and how they rate their experience.

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I’ve had problems not being able to see or hear my clients. I’m done. Our work is too important to have these issues happen repeatedly. I have used Zoom as a back up, but I recently signed up to use the Psychology Today platform. I hope that works well.


I can relate and agree with everything that other people have said. It has been so challenging and I am also loking at another platform that is more reliable. I had one day where all but two session needed multiple retsrts and dropped connects. These are 20" sessions and d there is no time to try to fix the porblem. On that day I had 27 pts and again, 25 sessions were very challenging. There are some good thinsg about, but it is not fair to the clients and I know I have lost some because of their frustration with the connections.

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Patricia – If you have the time, I would appreciate hearing back from you about what platform(s) you settle on. One reason I am so disappointed with doxy is that I like the simplicity of using it, both for myself and clients, when it works well, at least. The Psychology Today platform looks promising in that way, but I practiced using it with my boyfriend and it said that he couldn’t be on the Chrome browser, which is strange and aggravating. I need to check into that more.

I used Skype a few times until I got completely locked out of my Microsoft account for some unknown supposed “security breach.” I found it kind of confusing, and I find Zoom confusing. I really do not want or need any bells and whistles. I don’t like having a screen with all sorts of icons on it that I have to figure out how to use. I’m not completely clueless, but I just want simplicity. Some of my clients have been quite resistant to telehealth, and if they have to download an app, that alone can frustrate them. I looked at some of the platforms that have an integrated set of services like EHR, scheduling, appt reminders, billing, and telehealth. I can’t remember all the details of the different ones. But some were very expensive, and I don’t need billing because I have a billing company doing that. I am a solo practice, and don’t have complex needs. I recall that “Simple Practice” was so confusing to me that I started crying!
I remember that I had a hard time navigating from one screen to another in Simple Practice, unable to find my way back to a certain screen or function. I have been part of a FB group called Therapist Toolbox, and several people on there rave about Simple Practice, but I just don’t get it. And there were some platforms where it was necessary to get a call by a salesperson in order to get started with the service or even find out much about how it works or how much it costs, and I resent that.

I found it so stressful to have to pivot to telehealth suddenly when the pandemic hit; I had just had to move to a different office because my longtime office was in a building that was purchased, so i was already extremely stressed. I am really hoping to avoid spending a lot of time figuring out different platforms because I have enough on my plate without that.

Okay, end of rant. If you feel like letting me know the outcome of your search, that would be great. I can let you know if I find something good as well. My email is:

Kathi Jackson

Why doesn’t anyone from Doxy reply here?


Absolutely. Your runt is totally understandable. Like I said, I get your experience with doxy. I also share many of the experiences you outlined in your email. I want simple too. It could take a while before I get a response from some my colleagues, but I will forward whatever I learn.


Doximity has a dialer that now includes video for iPad. It is HIPPA compliant. Only downside is you use it by texting a patient and you have to wait for them to respond and do their thing (click, allow camera/mic); with an appt and expected call, usually a minute or so is all for most. Until we’re forced to use HIPPA compliant platforms again, I still prefer FaceTime (not compliant) for iPhone/iOS patients as first choice and Doximity for (usually android) others before Doxy due to above technical issues and better reliability. Walking patients through Doxy seems to take more staff time than asking what phone they have (iphone/android) too.