Can't see can't hear the list goes on

I also have had many occasions where I see and hear the patient but they have a blank screen. Then, once it reversed and I had the blank screen. This is a terrible model for a
Psychoanalytic model. The schedule is thrown off, patients are interrupted by poor IT issues and loss of their scheduled time. Doxy needs to fix or quit.


I also tried switching to Chrome upon hearing that Firefox might have a conflict with Doxy but, I found that my blank screens were not gone. The problem is, not the server. I need a reliable platform for best practices issues.

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These past two weeks have been the worst since March and April. I switch computers and four hours later I can use Doxy, but four hours before, no call comes in even though the person says they are in the waiting room, nothing happens. I have spent so much time on FaceTime or audio FaceTime, and just enough, if I can get on Doxy, to collect money, and leave to go to another platform. What is going on?!!

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I actually reached someone on the phone a couple of weeks ago and they told me the problem was not on their end - it must be my ISP. I believed them at first, but after seeing all these comments, it’s obviously on their end and they don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

I don’t know how I got to a real person that day. I tried the chat this week, but when their standard responses didn’t give me an answer, I wrote a longer question and never heard back from them.

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Yes, i am quite surprised that Doxy has done nothing.
Someone suggested using Psychology Today instead and I am going to look into that.
Very disappointing that they are not interested in upgrading their platform so that it works

I haven’t read all comments on this thread but I’ve found that function s very well on chrome but has significant problems on Safari or Firefox.

Kathi, I would like to hear what you learn as well. I was initially sold on doxy-me and then it started going downhill. I don’t want to use Psychology Today because I am not in private practice and this doesn’t seem like a good choice. Vid Health looks like a pretty simple option but since they don’t recommend it on phones, that is out for my population. I echo your frustration!

I am having similar problems with doxy, and I’m going to try Owl Practice (Canadian)–totally PHI compliant. Video Therapy: Work From Anywhere! - Owl Practice Blog.

I don’t know what happened. It was working really well for several months. I’m using Chrome, which others are saying is the best.

Okay, I will let you know. I haven’t heard of Vid Health. I am going to keep trying doxy for now because it is good some of the time, and then have the client switch to psychtoday if it starts to go south. If that works, I don’t know how much searching I will do outside of that, but I probably need to have another option ready if neither one works.


I completely understand your frustration. This past week has been horrible for me and in one instance the client was in crisis. Terrible. Not sure what to do because I just signed up for one year and it seems that since I signed up and paid, the platform has gotten worse. I really need to find a reliable platform. Thanks for any response.

Doxy is increasingly unreliable and this is just not acceptable when I am regularly seeing clients in crisis who need to see and hear me and whom I need to see and hear clearly. As someone said above, Facetime is much better but it’s not compliant and not everyone has a Mac. Zoom is worse than Doxy. I will look into Psychology Today. As someone said above, it is impossible to get a human being at Doxy and that in itself is not acceptable.

Zoom business provides a BAA and is fully HIPPAA compliant - expensive though