Can't see patient in queue

I have been getting notifications that patient is in my waiting room. I log in but don’t see them in my queue. I am able to send them a text message though, so it appears that we are both online.

What might cause this and how do i fix it?

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Just so I am understanding you correctly, you do not see the patients in your queue to the left, but you are able to send them a chat in the bottom right? Does it say “No one has checked in yet” in the patient queue?

Refreshing is the page is the most common solution to seeing your patient. When leaving the browser tab the browser will sometimes stop updating the browser tab to save processing power. Quite often, having an up to date browser will help this as well! (Check here: Setting up notifcations will at least allow you to know when someone is waiting. Refreshing the page in these times should work. Last thing to check is your firewall settings and browser add ons. Quite often we find these block or interfere with the signal that someone is in the waiting room!

They also could be taking the Pre-call test. Are you able to still start a call?

Paige Treadway