Can't see patient in waiting room

I have the professional version of doxy. Today a patient was in the waiting room and I couldn’t see the patient. I received a text to let me know the patient was there, but upon entering doxy myself, there wasn’t anyone waiting. Even when I closed and opened the program, she wasn’t there. What is going on and how can this be prevented?

Stuff like that happens all the time with Doxy. It may be getting better, can’t tell for certain. But don’t expect clear, smooth connections most of the time. It just ain’t gonna happen.

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I had the same thing happen to me but it worked itself out somehow but wasted 10 min of the client’s session.


So sorry that you having some issues.
There’s a few common reasons as to why a patient won’t show up in your queue or state that you appear as offline:

  • They may be in the wrong place. Please be sure to send them to your correct waiting room link.

  • Did you send them the waiting room link to another account?If you upgraded to a Clinic account, you will still have your free account and each will have unique waiting room links.

  • As a provider, did you check-in to your own waiting room? If so, you’ll want to be sure you sign-in to your Dashboard in order to start a call. Sign into my Clinic Dashboard.

  • Did they take the pre-call test? If so, that will take them to a new page, and they won’t appear in your waiting room anymore.

  • Have you logged into your account on multiple devices? If one device goes to ‘sleep’ it will show you as offline even though you are logged in somewhere else.

  • Are you and the patient both online? Even if your wifi is turned on, you may not be connected to a network.

  • Do you or your patient have a spotty wifi connection? If so, that can delay offline and available status updates from appearing accurately.

  • Do you have a firewall in place? requires a few different services to run, and they may be blocked by your browser settings.

How to fix this

  • Turn on desktop or mobile notifications to get alerted right away when someone checks in
  • Refresh the browser page, and wait a few seconds so your patient can check back in
  • Switch to a different wifi connection, and close out any large unneeded background applications.
  • Keep your Dashboard tab open before sending a patient your waiting room link or setting aside time for a meeting. This way, whenever a patient checks-in, they’ll see you online, and available right away.

I also upgraded to the Professional version hoping this problem would go away. It did not. The screen share also isn’t working so the upgrade has added no value. I just have a practice of texting the client and asking if they are in the waiting room if they are not showing up. If they are, I have them log out and log in a couple of times until they show up. The info provide on this thread is not helpful at all for what seems to be happening to many of us. It would be nice if they just figured out the bug instead of assuming user error. Signing in isn’t rocket science. There is a bug. Many people are experiencing the problem. Just figure it out and fix it. Zoom has not had this problem nor does FaceTime or Skype.


Same…i had to exit and re enter. Alot of $$$$ for continued problems. I may have to switch to psychology today…it is free because I advertise with them.


That happened to me most often when patients launched from Firefox. I had it happen twice with chrome. I have patients back out, re-email the link and try again. mostly it works

I am a mental health provider in private practice. I haven’t had any of the problems listed. In fact, I haven’t had any problems at all. Of course I have a simple set up; working from my home office.

I have very high speed internet, I re-start my modem every morning, and do a clean-up on my PC including re-start.

I have found that 90% of any problem is on the client side. Often, it is because they have poor wi-fi, or are using safari on a phone. I always check to see what browser they are using and if they can ask them to log off, go to chrome, and re-connect. Recently, I been finding that Edge has been working really well.

I have the PRO level, and all of the different programs work, such as screen share, sending documents directly to the client, etc…

Wish I had a solution to offer to help. Don’t know why you guys are having such difficulty.

I also use Zoom for Military One Source (they require it) Zoom has been great, even internationally, but I’m sticking with Doxy for now. Zoom as MOS uses it is not as user friendly. Good luck.

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When I’ve had this problem, I’ve usually asked which browser the client is using. If the person has a PC and switches to Chrome, it’s no longer a problem. … Ask Doxy for the pdf file that shows which browsers work best for which types of devices, e.g. iPhone, Mac, PC, and uwing the “correct” browser usually fixes lots of issues.

Why would we even need to check what browser the client uses… Isn’t it’s responsibility to ensure compatibility with any browser that clients might use? Not when I am paying a couple hundred dollars a year for a pro-account.

Audio and video unreliability has been a recurrent issue for me. I have had that same issue couple times with video not showing up. I have also been having recurrent issues with audio… either client not hearing me or I am not able to hear the client. This has occurred with new clients too, leaving a bad first impression for them and taking up 5-10 minutes of the session. Usually restarting the computer (both mine and client’s) seems to resolve it. This even seems to happen when I have just finished up with one client and going into a new session. Sometimes I have had to switch over to the free version of Zoom which is not PHIPA compliant as is, so as not to waste further session time.

If these issues continue, I will be looking out for an alternate telehealth platform.


I had the most weird experience this morning. My client kept signing in but I could not see the person in the waiting room. I signed out, shut off my computer, and tried again without success. I have not had this problem before. I had to do a telephonic conference. I am still waiting for a call back from Doxy. Very disappointed!!!

Thought this bug was fixed by I just had it happen two days ago as well. I was using Chrome but my client was using Safari on an iPad. I just tell all my client’s to use the Google Chrome browser.

I assume everyone here who runs into the problem has seen:
Patient is not appearing in my queue | Help Center

We encounter this problem occasionally - could be a few reasons. We have less problems when patients are notified in advance of their appointment to do pre-call test, put phones in DND mode during call, and to not roam around (like, driving) while they’re in the patient queue. Doesn’t seem like browsers are the issue for us (now that the FF issue got addressed recently).