Changing the email from which you send invitations to patients

Many providers have a work email that is separate from their personal email, and do not want to send invitations to their patients from the personal one. Email invites are not automatically sent from the email address on your account. But it is easy to make sure you are sending from the correct email address.

There are three ways to send email invites to patients right from your dashboard: Send an email via (available to premium users); send one from your computer’s email application; or send one from your preferred web service:

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 18.26.14

The invitations sent from will, of course, be sent from, this cannot be changed. However, when sending them via one of the two other methods, you can send them from whichever email address you wish, not only from the email address attached to your account.

If you choose to send from Gmail, for instance, it will open Gmail in a new browser window; if you are already logged into a Gmail account, that is the address it will send from, unless you log out and change accounts. Likewise, opting to send from your desktop email client will open a window to compose a new message from whatever email account you are logged into in the desktop client.