Chat Box "automatic" frequent messages

It would be great if there were some frequent messages available to send with just a tap such as: “your microphone and camera are not connected. please reconnect and give permission to camera and microphone” “we are unable to connect, please call the office for assistance” “i am unable to hear you, please turn on your microphone”

Thank you for this feedback. It’s actually something we have heard from other providers, and something we have discussed internally and hope to offer in the future.

I agree! It would be great if we could customize our own messages. It could be things like. “Before we get started, could you please confirm the name of your family doctor.” or “I will be with you shortly. Thank you!” etc

Great idea. My #1 message these days is “Please reload your browser page” because the audio is so often broken in at least one direction.

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Thank you once again for this feedback! I may also suggest clicking “Restart Call” at the bottom of the in-call settings as well. This may help as well. I added a screenshot for your convenience. image|304x500