Chat feature not working

For the past week or so, I have noticed that the Chat feature (communicating with client who is in session) is not working. This has been a helpful feature for resolving connection difficulties with clients. The tab in the lower right corner is where it always has been, and it expands when I indicate desire to chat. However, the box to enter text no longer shows, and if I try to type something, it does not show anything. Any thoughts?

Hi There,

It could be a cached issue, have you tried to clear the cache and cookies on the browser to see if it brings the ability to type in the chat box back, this site shows how to clear from any browser: Clear Cookies, Browsing History and Cache -

I have experienced a similar issue, except for me the chat tab disappears entirely. It will be there at the start of a session but then halfway though sometimes the chat box disappears and I have no way to bring the chat box back up. Even if the client sends me a message, I still do not get the pop up or the ability to see the chat box.

I’ve experienced that the chat feature works better on different browsers. When a client switched from Chrome to Firefox it worked. It also worked on the “Brave” browser.

My clients are reporting that they don’t see a chat box unless I start a chat—where should they be looking for the chat box?

Good to know! Thank you!

Hi, If you click on the 3 dots next to the patients name on the left side and you click on the Chat icon, does it allow you to see that chat box, does it come back at all? Do the same things occur on a different web browser?