Chat text staying in text entry box after sending

One annoyance in the chat feature is that sometimes the text you are sending stays in the entry box after hitting send. This results in having to delete the text or else it will be sent again along with the next message.

Another annoyance is that it is unpredictable when you will get the “end it?” prompt after hitting hang up. It seems to happen rarely, but does happen.

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happens all the time. please fix this

Thank you for reporting. We are looking into it.

Sometimes the chat text from one client appears on the next call too. Fortunately no breech of confidentiality has been involved only generic topics and/or links to internet resources, but am afraid to send text that may contain PHI or other info protected by HIPAA.

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Your chat message stays after your call ends so you can transfer any notes you need to your EMR/EHR.

Once you refresh your browser it disappears forever, by design.