Chromebook mic not working...headset neither


A place where the team can post about known issues and that are non-critical to the operation of


Hi Kelley, thanks for posting on the discussion board.

Have you gone through the no sound troubleshooting steps as described here: ?

Also, on Chromebooks I hear sometimes you need to do a “hard reset.” To try a hard reboot of the Chromebook. Hit the refresh Refresh button and power Power button keys at the same time. This will perform a hard reboot of the system which may resolve the issue. After the reboot, try again.


Hi Kelley. I think this is a great idea. is so far ahead of the competition they have fabulous growth opportunities in defining how online therapy is going to work for future generations.
There are little non-critical issues we have noticed, like the one above, that would be great to not feel so alone in as a user. It would be especially great to be aware if any developers are currently working on these small, known issues, or if we should adjust to functioning with them.
This is particularly important for this kind of platform as practitioners are working with individuals in distress, and need to create a safe holding environment. Sometimes, it can be difficult to “hold” the patient if we are not sure what is going on in the back end of the platform connecting us.

That said, does a fabulous job of providing technical support and ensuring any issues leading to not being able to connect with the client/patient are resolved promptly and professionally. Fortunately, these issues are user-error related or non-critical known issues.


Hi Dr. Lauren, appreciate your input on the discussion board and kind words about and our support.

I think you are exactly right, and we want to create a safe and reliable platform as much as possible. We are working on a few more improvement specifically related to camera/microphone access issues. As you can imagine there are a wide breadth of devices we would like to support and each come with their own difficulties.

That being said, we do plan on better handling problems like this and giving both the practitioner and the patient better information about what went wrong and how they can fix it.

If you do see areas we can improve don’t hesitate to post it here or start a new topic on the discussion board and we will check it out. We would like to drive more feedback and engagement on our discussion board so our customers can help us improve the platform and help others that may be going through the same difficulties.


Great. I will start a thread with non-critical issues we have noticed and reported. Thanks.