Clicking sound during session

I hear a clicking sound like someone is typing on a keyboard during sessions. Does anyone else experience this?


I don’t hear clicking sounds. I do hear crunching sounds. It is very irritating and results in my ending the Doxy session and just speaking to my client on the phone. Not all clients have FaceTime, so it is less than ideal. Rosalind

I agree, certainly less than ideal. I upgraded to the professional doxy me to help with connection issues, but now this has come up. Thanks for your feedback!

I had it as well, it was very bad, patient was upset too

I also have this problem and haven’t found a solution other then hanging up and restarting. It is worse if client is not on a computer, but is on a Ipad or tablet.

I’ve had this problem too - have been trying to figure out if there’s a pattern as it doesn’t happen all the time. I’ve had it twice with a client who uses their phone, but not consistently, ie. many sessions with that client have been perfectly fine. I think it may be worse on one of my laptops than the other so I’m going to try just using the one that seems better. Today it seemed to start when I would talk so wondering if it has to do with my microphone. There are some troubleshooting suggestions on the doxy website, going to go through those too. Very frustrating! It definitely affected the session that I had today.

I hadn’t thought it might be my computer, because it is pretty new, but I can try logging on from another one and see if that helps. Thanks, I really appreciate people taking the time to respond!

Thanks, I do think the clients I had trouble with were on their phones. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

Ugh! So frustrating!

This sounds exactly like whats happening with my sessions at times. Thank you!

Headphones fixes the problem. We ask our patients to wear headphones, also use a waiting room image that asks the same. If the patient doesn’t have headphones, and we are hearing the clicking sound, we mute the audio and call the patient on our desk phone. (if they have a landline, its easy. If we have to call their cellphone which is also doing Doxy, it gets a little more time consuming, but can be done.) Good luck.

Yes, from time to time. Very weird

Yes! It’s very disturbing. More like a crunching/cackling sound that get flounder and continues. I started with Doxy last month and am very disappointed.
After troubleshooting during client session time I end up voiding out the video call and calling them on their phones. It really takes away from.the session. I also had my first session with a couple last night who verbalized their disappointment to me. I may need to consider using another HIPAA compliant platform.

I agree. It’s hard enough not being face to face with clients, the platform needs to be reliable and feel as authentic as possible. I’m doing a test run of another platform to compare. Thanks for responding.

Thursday (5/28) afternoon and evening is the first time I’ve experienced audio issues with Doxyme. The first client session the audio interference sounded like a jet engine which kept increasing in volume; that client was on his PC. The later client was on their iPhone with Doxyme; we experienced the loud typing sound. In both sessions, I logged out, closed the browser, and had the client log back in. Neither restart of the sessions resolved the noise interference at all. These audio malfunctions are very disruptive to the sessions. I hope this is remedied within the next few days as this is not an acceptable experience for telemental health. Thank you.

Yesterday was the first time I heard a very disruptive popping and clicking sound and had to end the session. Does anyone have a phone number or email for the owner, or manager of This problem needs to be addressed and fixed.

I hear the same thing at times, it bringing to my mind a squirrel

I’m trying other platforms. It’s too distracting.

I have had this problem several times with different users. They can hear it and so can I. Very annoying. Isn’t there a fix?