Client able to see and hear me before they were visible in waiting room

I am horrified. I was waiting for my client to show up in the waiting room, got the notification on iPlum that they were there, still no notification on my dashboard…I was gathering my materials while waiting to be able to click on her name to start the session. Then my client started talking to me! She could see and hear me, and I could hear her, and she still wasn’t even showing up on my dashboard! Then her name popped up and we got started, discussing the fact that she could see and hear me before let me know she was even available. So–has this happened before? What have clients seen and heard while I was unaware they had access to my activities? Conversations with/about other clients? The screen of my other computer? How do I know if this is occurring?

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Hi There,

We take security very seriously, can you share with us the day and time of the call so we may review the call logs. thank you!

Thanks Cindy. Let me put in a request for the call logs now for that time frame, takes a little time sometimes, But I will get them and I will reply to your hushmail email when I do bc I cant include photos properly here on the forum, thanks for replying so quick.

you are on CST correct? not EST?

yes, CST. Thanks so much!!

Thanks for confirming.

That has happened to me, also. My client told me she could see and hear me, but other clients may be able to do the same, but may not say anything about it. I’d like to know how often that happens for others.

@Colin - please update us on what is discovered- I am watching this carefully and need to know about potential security issues. thank you.

Hi There,
We would love to open a support ticket with our skilled Customer Support staff. If you could email and list out the day and time of a concerning call we are happy to take a closer look, thanks!