Client cannot hear me

My client could not hear me, despite both our microphones stating they are working and strong connections being present. Had client close other apps/tabs and problem persisted. Restarted the connection multiple times to no avail. Client tried using headphones-didn’t fix the problem. Tried muting/unmuting-didn’t fix the problem. I pay for the professional membership and have fiber internet with a brand new computer so speed is not an issue on my end. I could hear my client just fine. Client reported they were hearing a “clicking” sound.
I have read other users’ comments and would really like someone from tech support to reply here as it seems MANY of us are having this issue. Anyone find a fix for this?

I have had the same issue all morning. Watching post to see reply re: potential fixes.

We have also had issues with this, this morning.
We have tried all of the usual troubleshooting strategies without resolve.

I also have this problem (clients can’t hear me or their voice goes robotic and I miss words they are saying) but it is sporadic. One session on Doxy works fine and the next does not. For that reason, I suspect it has to do with the clients side of things. When it happens I call clients on phone. We both turn off our mics on Doxy and use Doxy for video and the phone for sound. When they pixelate, I have ask them to click their camera button and they unpixelate. This happens multiple times during some session Pixelating is also sporadic. Happens one hour and not the next🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hi Elaine,

In regard to the sporadic audio issues, even with good download and upload speeds, latency may be a cause of audio issues as well. When you visit a speed test site like say: Speed Test by Measurement Lab what does it say in regards to latency (ping). Is the number say below 50-100 ms, (best to check with the patient as well in case the latency is on their side). Otherwise you and others have done the correct things in trying headphones or different devices. Also make sure browsers are up to date. Latency may be related to pixelating as well, given how it is sporadic may be a signal your connection is good, but we just need to improve the patients just a little to help reduce the issue. I would encourage them to test their speeds as well, and perhaps review a site like this on tips to improve connections. 11 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Make Your Internet Faster | WIRED

I am having this same issue at various times with various clients on various devices using wireless earphones or not. I have looked through past chats about this problem and no resolution has been identified.

I agree with the other professionals who noted that they would be unable to continue to pay for doxy if this issues isn’t resolved.

Please post a solution or identify the factors that will impact audio or visual transmissions from the client.

I had this problem today on my macbook, switched to iPad and it worked fine. Just tried to test this again with my husband and he could not hear me. THEN I did the call test feature and passed with flying colors, 2x. What the heck?

Today was frustrating. I have been successfully connecting with my client for several weeks, even when other clients had problems. Today there was a message on my end that the client had to give permission. I guess to let me hear them? The client had to get her husband to try to fix the problem. He went in and out and then I went in and out before we could finally have a session. I need help on navigating the permission issue.

This issue has also been a problem for me over the past several days. Not constant but enough to be a problem.

No, just no. There are fundamental problems with Why so difficult to own up? This seems like a beta version at best with a laundry list of fundamental flaws. Be honest about the product … please don’t hid3 behind technical jargon when the truth is Doxy,me simply doesn’t perform at a professional level due to intrinsic flaws.