Client check-in not appearing on provider screen

This occurred 1x prior. Client contacted me that they had checked into waiting room, but could not see hat I was online. At my end all appeared normal, but no indication that expected client had checked-in. First occurrence, I wrote off to inexperience at my end or the client’s, but I have been using the platform long enough and this client has demonstrated proficiency many times.
Is this a one off? are others seeing the same issue?


I had this happen to me about a week ago. There were two incidents in 1 day. I found by accident that by reloading the page the client name would show up. This hasn’t happened since.

This has happened at least a few times since March when Number of users increased substantially. I rarely use Doxy now, as it has been a bumpy ride on and off since the spring.

This has happened a few times. I refresh the screen frequently and that seems to help.

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This happens to me every time I use google chrome now. I have to use another internet browser and its fine. However, it is consistently happening with chrome.

When this has happened to me, a few times in past month or so, it always seemed that the client had logged in before I did. So if she left the room and came back, that did the trick. And yes this has happened to me only since I went to Chrome because of the Firefox problem.

I have had same problem. Attributed it to overload of users and Google Chrome.
Very disheartening to both me and patients.

Yes, I had that problem recently too. Makes me want to look into other providers. If were having technical difficulties, it would be important for them to send out an email immediately. I have zoom as a backup but I did not invest in the HIPPA compliant one. Let’s hope they figure this out.

Yes, this happened to me twice today.

Just had that happen today.

Also happening frequently to me, and to several of our therapists. Refreshing the browser used to work to make the client appear in the queue, but lately, it does not seem to do the trick, so I am left waiting for the client to appear, even though they are in the waiting room from their perspective. Very frustrating!

I’ve had this happen intermittently over the last 3 years.

This has happened to me several times. Support blew me off and said I needed to sign up for notifications…which I already had, and there were no notifications. Currently researching other telemedicine options.

Yes, happened yesterday (10/20) twice. I was having internet probs at the time so assumed it was a problem having to do with my provider.

This has also happened a couple times for my patients.