Client could hear and see me but I couldn't see or hear him

My client could see and hear me but I couldn’t see or hear him when he was using his phone.

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i have this problem alot, and i have patients tell me they keep getting notice that their camera is not blocked from what they see, but I cannot see them

seems to happen more when they are connecting w phone

Yes, This has happened to me several times this past week and we’ve had to switch to another platform. Very frustrating.

yes I have this with cell phones and if they get a text or call they have to sign off and sign back on but people tell me with zoom they never have this problem sad this is so challenging

Problem is that Zoom is not secure, HIPPA-approved. Insurances not keen on Zoom.

the 200$ a month zoom is hippa compliant

Expensive. I for $384 per year


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Have there been any troubleshooting tips provided for this? I have one client that I can’t ever see and we cant do a video session. What is the fix here?

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I am also looking for an answer to this…

This has been happening on all my patients using firefox this week

Was this question ever answered (or acknowledged) by Doxy? Does anyone know of any solutions?

I have the same problem when a client receives a call or text. It shows a Pause on my end but when they click the message away, sometimes it works fine and other times, they can’t hear me, see me, or both. I end the call and have them click on the link again but sometimes this doesn’t work either. In that case, I switch to zoom or Facetime, which is an inconvenience because it eats away at the session time. Clients are unhappy. I’m thinking of switching to something else other than doxy if this continues.

horrible day of 5 out of 5 sessions either not being able to see me or not beling able to hear what’s going on is this related to the updates it didn’t happen yesterday very disappointing

I can’t hear the client–Happening to me with every client last week and this week.

I just spoke to Doxy tech support (Deb) and she says that Doxy hasn’t been supporting the iPhad app for a couple years, and everyone should be accessing Doxy through Safari (or another browser). They did an update two weeks ago, and since then they’ve been having a lot of similar calls from providers using the app. I deleted the app from my iPhad, went to Doxy on Safari, and the problem was solved.

I hope this helps everyone.

Hello, I was having the same issue. I was using the iPad app. I just tried signing in with the browser and it worked. Thanks for the suggestion!

I have the same problem with few clients and this is very annoying. I am loosing time and money and them are loosing time and patience.
I am using Doxy on a laptop, Windows 10, Chrome last version.

Any other solution than going on another platform ?

Thank you for commenting, @paugier. If you write in to us via chat (in the bottom right of your dashboard) or via email ( with the dates and times (with time zone) where you have experienced these issues, we can take a deeper look to see what is going on with those calls.


Last time was today, Monday the 30th of August at 14h30.
Sadly, I am unable to remember the last time it happened before today. I’ll let you know the next.

Thank you for your answer.

Pierre Augier