Client did not receive text invite

Last night I sent a client several invites via text - I figured she was a no show
but 30 minutes later she sent a text to my phone asking if I needed to reschedule. I explained to her that she had not responded but she sent me a screen shot showing the reminder I sent her last night then our text messages - a few minutes later she sent another screen shot showing how
she received all the invites at the same time.That was 40 minutes after our session was set to begin, and 40 minutes after I sent them. Issues like this affect more than my bottom line, it affects my client’s mental health, it also affects my scheduling - I now have to work later than I normally do in order to service my client.

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I sent 4 emails to a clt today and she did not receive them. she texted me to see if we were still meeting and then we eventually used Face time We FaceTime

I send the invites by Text and if I do not get a response I send by Whatsapp. Sometimes clients miss the SMS notification