Client hears echo on her end


I did my first session tonight with Doxy. the first 30 minutes everything seemed to work fine, only a few short freezes of the picture on my end. However after about 30 minutes, my client began to hear her own voice echoing back to her. We disconnected and reconnected, even changing from her lap top to her phone, but nothing helped. Has anyone else experienced this and is there anything I can do about it as it made the rest of the session nearly impossible? thanks for any input


I am so sorry you had an echo. Were you both using headphones? We always recommend wearing headphones if you hear an echo.

Some more tips on how to get rid of an echo.


She used headphones as she was the one hearing the echo but they didn’t help

Abigail Lufkin LCSW
Individual and Couple Psychotherapy
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Were you using headphones? If there is an echo, both parties should wear headphones.


It’s tricky for me to do that because I have another person in the room with me who is also on the call so difficult for us both to be on headphones

Abigail Lufkin LCSW
Individual and Couple Psychotherapy
Sport Psychology Consultant


Hi courtney- is it possible to do a 3 way call using doxy? thanks
Abigail Lufkin

Individual and Couples Psychotherapy

Sport Psychology Consultant


Yes, 3-way calling is available on our paid plans.

You can buy an earphone splitter which would allow you to use two headphones at once.


I might recommend a Blue Snowball. These were designed specifically to help echo cancelation in rooms/places where the sound might bounce off and back into the microphone. And since you can’t both have headphones with some extra tech as Courtney listed above.


If you are hearing an echo, then these steps will typically need to be done by your participant (if your patient hears an echo, you will need to follow these steps):

  1. Use Headphones
  2. Reduce the volume of speakers
  3. Move the microphone away from the speakers