Client hears me talking in popping sounds

Randomly for about 2 Client every other day, They will say they hear popping, bubbling, or “predator” speak when I try to talk for the first 5 minutes. Everything sounds clear on my end. Refreshing, reloading, signing out and signing back in, or switching from headphones to computer speaker do nothing. It will correct itself in about 5 minutes and then return to normal. It seems random for the client and time of day that it’s happening, and happens on different internet sources. Any thoughts on what’s causing this or how to fix it?


From what I have gathered its a Safari issue. The patient has clicked the link on their iphone and it opened in Safari. Typically it takes up to 2 minutes to correct itself, or I have found unplugging the mic waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in to work. Doxy works great if they are on PC or an android. While they are in the waiting room if you click on the 3 dots next to their name you can see what browser they are using. If i see safari, when the appointment starts I tell them safari has a bug and it’ll take a minute to correct (hoping next time they will use chrome)


That makes a lot of sense, thank you!

I found that unplugging and replugging works sometimes. How annoying!

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I have patients who experience this too. Usually fixes itself within a couple of minutes, but annoying to start with.

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Yes, i have the same problem and it is quite annoying. It puts me in the position of appearing unprofessional. Sessions are so many minutes long. If they miss 5 minutes due to this probkem, i feel the need to reduce their charge. Get with it, Doxy! You are detecting from my income daily!


I recently accidentally found a fix to the audio problems on the patient’s side. I found out that if I sent a text on the chat screen that it fixes the problem. Sometimes I have to do this twice but it works almost all the time for me.


Brilliant! I will try that. Hopefully it works because I know it’s frustrating both to me and to my clients.

I’ve had that problem too, and have gone through all the gyrations to try to fix it. Thank you for mentioning the Safari possibility–I will check that for sure! I am using Chrome, but I’m not sure all my clients are.


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I’ve been having the same problem now for 3 or more weeks but always on google chrome. I found that most of the time, it resolves in a minute or so, like “drannpensom” observed but have had to switch patients to Zoom about 1/4 of the time. I think it’s a issue that they haven’t addressed or corrected.

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I had the same problem all last week. I think I got an email from doxy or found it out some other way that you have to do an upgrade that may be related only to doxy, I’m not sure. Anyway, I had just upgraded to Big Sur so I thought it was strange that I had to upgrade anything, but I went to Upgrades and there was one to upload, and it seems to have fixed the problem.

Where is this list of upgrades and which one fixed the problem?

I don’t use apple products because I am on a PC and this issue has continued to happen for me for over a month! I have upgraded the Doxy and done all the fixes we see mentioned on here but still have not seen any change in the random client 2-3 times a day saying I sound mechanical or like some Star Wars character on their end.

I often experience the crackling and popping issue while using google chrome on both windows and Mac machines. A couple tricks that I have used which occasionally work include refreshing my browser and/or having the patient reboot (restart) his or her phone or computer. In fact I require my patients to restart their phones before connecting to my virtual waiting room. That one measure seems to save alot of time dealing with connectivity issues which are still annoyingly common in spite of the technical genius that we have on the Doxy team.

This happens to me too with one client specifically. I have had to switch to a different app and leave Doxy for the session to occur. I’m not on Safari or Chrome. I’m on Opera, which works well with Doxy generally. Doxy, can we have a permanent fix to this issue? It’s clear this is a bug.

clients complain that I sound gravelly, scratchy. for some it stops after couple minutes. others I have to switch to zoom. help.

I have the same problem on Chrome and have tried having my client and I reload, reboot and refresh to no avail. I have ended up needing to mute the sound and use the phone for audio. Doxy, how are you addressing this?

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I have this problem with clients on Safari and today was especially rough. I also found writing in the text box to the client that this is a glitch in Safari sometimes corrects it. It does go away if they wait five minutes or so. Sometimes I just restart the computer and we start over. I am encouraging my clients to download Google Chrome because of this problem.

I do have any issues for the past 2 weeks. I use Chrome browser but have that issue.

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Thanks for posting about this, I don’t have solutions to offer but the other comments help! I just wanted to thank you for calling it “predator speak” because everyone at our clinic will now be using this term LOL