Client information with Stripe payments

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I was just speaking with a support agent who informed that that what we are wanting isn’t currently possible, and that I should post it here so that the request is visible.

We set up Stripe with our Doxy account so that our therapists can take payments from our clients. However, Doxy doesn’t have a way to include any information with the payment, ie. client name, client ID, etc. When we look at the payments that we have received in Stripe, all we can see is the name of the therapist who initiated the transaction and the time the transaction took place. In order for our billing department to credit the payment to the client’s account, we would have to contact the therapist and ask them what client made that payment, and we would have to do this for each individual transaction. This simply isn’t viable due to the volume of clients that we see.

I saw the support article about creating client profiles in Stripe, but that wouldn’t help us match transactions to clients since no identifying information in transmitted to Stripe for a match to be made.

I was told that Doxy can’t take any client details due to HIPAA compliance. For our usage, we wouldn’t need Doxy to store any client information. We just need to be able to enter a client ID in with the payment when it’s made, so that that information is passed along to Stripe with the rest of the payment information.

When we look at the transaction in Stripe, there is a blank “description” field. I obviously don’t know how the back end of these systems looks, but it seems reasonable that there would be a way for Doxy to send Stripe the “description” along with the rest of the payment details. But that’s just a hunch.

At any rate, we will be unable to use the Stripe integration with Doxy as it currently exists. Which is a bummer because our only other method at this moment is having the front desk process all payments via phone call where the client reads their card number out loud and we enter it manually. We need a way for our therapists to take payments from our clients without it causing more work for the billing department.


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I love the idea of including the client ID–it’s time-consuming to have to match up payments with my appt schedule…

I’ve been around this bush with and with Stripe representatives. Others have asked about this too.

I think could do this by modifying the API (Application Programming Interface) that uses to connect with Stripe. This would involve Stripe–not–keeping patient names as “customers.” Stripe already has that capability.

It would not be a HIPAA violation, as financial records are well protected and it would be no different from my depositing a paper check written to me from my patient.