Client mic stops working when adding people for group call

I start a call with one client, and mic works perfectly, then add another client and the original client’s mic says its muted even though the client did not mute it and it is impossible to unmute it. We checked the settings for everything and it is definitely a doxy issue caused when the group call is created. It happened with not only one, but two separate clients. We checked everything on their end, and it is definitely a doxy issue. Why is this happening? I saw posts from last year asking a similar question with workarounds and a supposed fix but I tried everything posted and nothing worked. Why is this still an issue a year later? This is very frustrating, I’ve had to miss two group therapy meetings because of this, and one of the main reasons I pay for premium is the group call feature for group therapy. Please tell me how this can be resolved.

Thank you

Thank you for posting, @mrmike81. I’m very sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Can you tell me the date and time that the issue occurred so I can look into those sessions further? It would also help to know the specific workarounds you tried.

As far as the “Why is this still an issue a year later?” question, it is not likely to be the same issue as last year. Web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) are constantly updating and changing settings and the same happens with operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android). At the same time, we are trying to improve your experience using by making changes that will improve performance or add new tools for you to use. Sometimes the combinations in changes between browsers, operating systems, and our application can cause issues. The mic issues from last year were fixed, but maybe a new issue has surfaced now that you’re experiencing. We do our best to ensure that as issues are discovered, we find the root cause, resolve the issue, and prevent that issue from happening again in the future.