Client’s video inaccessible across multiple devices

My client was unable to get into doxy despite trying on multiple devices. Said they kept getting the message “camera not accessible” or something similar. Anyone else having this problem?

Yes. I had several clients get this same message.

My client just could not get on the site whatever she did.

Hello, Yes, I get the camera not found message daily, but I can fix the problem with a reboot. I imagine that some other programs used since the last reboot are “stealing” the camera assignment. I haven’t figured out how to prevent this problem, but every time the reboot fix works for me… for about 1 year now. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to reboot as Windows wants to do an update. So, I give myself a bit of time before patient sessions to set this all up properly. I hope this helps, Richard

A restart or reboot of their device usually corrects this.