Client Says They Logged In I don't see Them

Three clients logged in. I did not see them; even after refreshing my browser

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I came to report the same problem happening today. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

Hi Jason,

Sometimes its related to high latency on the provider or patient end. Since most patients use mobile devices id encourage them to connect over Wifi vs cellular data as most of the time Wifi is a stronger signal for the video call.

I’ve had this problem repeatedly today and last Friday. My browser clears cache everytime I log out, and this has not been a problem for the previous year I’ve used Doxy. Is anyone else having a new problem with this?

I have had the same problem today 4 times, client says they are in the waiting room and I do not see them. what is the fix

Same here. I’ve been using for over a year and only started to experience this issue on Monday and today. Patients are not showing as in the queue even though they are there waiting, and takes like 5 min for them to show. Very frustrating. I tried Chrome and Firefox with same issue.

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I’m having same issues. Looks like the only Doxy response is to have a patient using a mobile device to use wifi not cell data?

My client is using a brand new tablet, has run the Doxy pre-call test with no problems indicated, and sits literally next to their wifi router. They’re definitely using wifi, not cell data.

Doxy, any other help you can offer us?

I’ve been having the same issue with multiple patients over the last several days. Very frustrating! I’m now having to text/call every patient when I don’t seem them in the patient queue at the start of a session time. Sometimes reloading works but often doesn’t. There is no clear pattern either.
I’d also appreciate some help from Doxy.

I am also having this problem. The person never showed up in my queue. In my case, it may have been a cell data instead of wifi issue since the person was not at home, but it’d be nice to have some kind of greater response if people are having this issue.

Same here. And when they do finally show up on the site, it says they’ve been logged in for several minutes. I enabled text notifications so I know when they’re in the waiting room. It shows empty on site. I feel so frustrated. I even upgraded to Pro and it still SUCKS!!!

we’ve been having this problem intermittently for about a month. it just began one day. the pt was in the waiting room and they texted in to our office and told us they were waiting. for some visits i have to refresh the browser multiple times and then they’ll populate in the waiting room. i noticed a DM team member above said this could be due to high latency on one end of the connection. that makes sense but it doesn’t make sense in our environment why the frequency is elevated.

Does anyone know if they plan to fix this problem? I have to refresh several different times to finally see clients in waiting queue who tell me they have been waiting 5 min. It’s terrible and embarrassing.

This problem suddenly started for me last week. Was a solution ever found?