Client Visibility with Shared Accounts

We share providers accounts with our front desk staff. Previously the client icon in the “Waiting Room” would show a yellow or red dot to indicate the client was actively engaged with someone. Today, the client icon disappears from the “Waiting Room” list when the client is engaged with a provider - causing confusion with the front desk staff as to whether the client is still connected to the system.

Hi @nealrugg - I am a fellow doxy user and we are still seeing the dots from our shared rooms (which I agree are super useful). Someone else mentioned a similar issue recently, though, so I’m wondering what’s causing it. Perhaps it’s a Browser version issue? What is the browser and version your front desk staff if using? We are currently using Google Chrome v87.0.4280.141 and not experiencing the issue.

Hope this helps!

Hi @nealrugg I am still seeing the yellow dot using the Shared room feature (see image below).

But I’m not sure about sharing accounts. Like, sharing logins (email/password) ?

@nealrugg - First off, welcome to!

I haven’t seen that issue either-- in fact, I saw a user engaged with a provider with the ‘orange’ dot just the past hour in a shared room, and that’s with the upgrade recently done. Works fine for me.

Now, allow me to say-- and I make an assumption here-- bad idea to have front desk share same login as a provider. Don’t do that. Each front desk person needs their own logon. If that’s really what’s happening, then don’t be surprised at having odd problems seeing users in the patient queue. If I were a developer, I would not want two separate computers running under the same login credential. If it was allowed before, perhaps Doxy’s latest 2021 upgrade prevents that from continuing. Don’t mean to be critical–I’m in the line of work (information security) where I try to stamp out habits like this all the time.