Client Waiting and Therapist Can't See Client in Waiting Room

Often, I am finding that my patient is waiting in the waiting room but I can not see that the patient is waiting. I have to go out of and then get on again and then I can see the patient. Is there a fix for this?

Hi there.
There is a whole thread about this here:

It’s a really bad thing.
Doxy Team, hoping you will respond on that other thread.

It happens much too often. The solutions offered on the other thread seemed to only work some of the time. Is there anything Doxy can do to fix the issue?

I see these notes from June about the problem–just want to let doxy staff know it’s an ongoing time-stealer. Clients are seriously unhappy with losing minutes on the front end of many sessions while I have to log out and log back in to access them in the waiting room.

This has happened to me twice today. I get phone calls from clients asking why I haven’t started their appointment and they aren’t there for me to let in. They have no way to know that they need to close out and try again.