Client's are reporting they can't sign Teleconsent forms

We are having random clients report they cannot see or sign a Teleconsent form during a session. Some clients can and others cannot for the same form. Is there a solution a client can use to sign the form or test if they will be able before sharing the form with them?

Hi @leefandel I’m sorry for the trouble. Will you reach out to to get technical help to resolve this issue? I haven’t heard of this recently so I think some technical assessment might be needed. @MaxBehling

Hello @leefandel, I apologize for the confusion here.
Has each provider added the Teleconsent to their Active Templates list first?
This can be done within Account Settings / Extensions / Teleconsent / Template manager and select the + icon next to your form in order to make it available for use during a video session. This would need to be done by any individual provider intending to use the form during a call, otherwise it will not appear in the list of Teleconsents to be shared.

If signing the Teleconsent is posing an issue for either provider or client, please let me know of the email associated with your account (for privacy, you can email or chat with me directly at, and I will take a look at the Teleconsent(s) currently available in your clinic.

I tried using your directions but cannot find the Consent Form Is it because I’m a solo practice (paying) member and not a group or clinic?

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Hello @penthouse,

Yes, Teleconsent is only available to clinic and enterprise accounts at this time.

Consent form would be a nice addition for Pro paying members of Doxy

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