Clients being sent to wrong waiting room

A client told me this morning she was sent to the wrong waiting room x3 this morning before being able to get to the correct waiting room. I confirmed she was using the correct link and it’s the same one she eventually used to get into my waiting room. Any solutions to this?

Hi Carol. How is the link being sent?

I have helped a customer with a similar complaint before, and what we discovered was this: Even though the text of the link was correct, the URL embedded into it was incorrect. See this as an example of what I mean, if you hover over the link (or just click on it, it’s not harmful) you will see that the URL is not the same:

Could it be the case here?

I don’t think it was a wrong URL as she eventually used it to get into the correct room. I can resend the link to her just to be sure for future appointments and it’s helpful to use this for trouble-shooting if it happens in the future.

I have staff that support multiple providers on different days. They log in as the provider and send the links that way. What I’ve noticed is that if they just close out the browser and log in as the next provider (on the same computer) the URL defaults to the previous provider because they didn’t LOG OUT. Now that we know, we don’t have that problem any longer.

I opened my waiting to find the wrong client. I thou maybe that person had just changed their initial for something, however, upon connecting, I realized to my horror that I had not seen this person before nor had any previous contact with this stranger!
I quickly shut the session and then the correct person was in the waiting room. It was super odd and a complete confidentially breach.