Clients can't see or hear me in the middle of sessions

In the last couple of days, my clients suddenly can’t see or hear me in the middle of sessions. We start out just fine and then the system tells them they are having trouble connecting to me. I can still see and hear them fine on my end. This has been happening to all my clients across browsers, WiFi strengths, and operating systems. I’ve tried multiple browsers myself on my end, a different device, and my internet connection has been strong. I haven’t run into this issue with any other telehealth platform so it seems to be a Doxy issue. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Yes. Just the last two days same thing

This may have happened to me too… once towards the end of a meeting. In a few seconds the person came back on and said they thought the problem was on their end.

Thank you for your feedback. We identified an issue with the latest version of the video application we use. We performed an update this morning that we believe should resolve the issues, but we are continuing to monitor the situation. More details can be found at

The problem continued with my 11:00 this morning.

This happened to me yesterday, haven’t had the issue today … yet.

Tuesday, the opposite happened twice – My clients could see and hear me even though connection dropped 2 or 3 times in session; I had to reboot. Both of our WiFi connections were strong.

I have had this problem all week. VERY annoying and disruptive. The last time it happened was between 11:30-12:00 with my client at that time.

Same for me, still today. Restarting Safari sometimes helps audio. Just glad there’s another platform I can use besides Doxy.

I have had this problem as well. Looking at Doximetry as another option.
Dr. Douglas O. Brady

I usually use FF, but started having the problem listed on, so swapped to Safari (MacOS), and it was fine until right about 5pm EST. Session getting interrupted every few minutes by my losing video and sound. Then I wasn’t able to connect at all to my 6:30pm session.

Happened to me three times between 3:30 and 4:30 pst

My clients have been booted off several times during sessions this week, and have to try a second time. ON the third time we switch to a competitor’s video conferencing.

This has happened to me today as recently as 2:15pm CST while on Firefox. I noticed that doxy identifies that they have fixed the issue with Firefox. I am wondering how recent their repair of the issue was.

I am also having this problem all week. I thought it was just with clients who are using apple products but it happened again today with someone on a firefox browser. I was on a PC w/ firefox as well.

Patient’s audio is very low although mine is fine. I turn mine up to the max which is so loud for me but they can hardly hear me.

Yes, I had the same problem on several sessions!