Clients can't see or hear me

My clients have not been able to see or hear me all morning. I can hear and see them. Have had to do phone sessions. Has anyone else had that problem? My pretest says that everything is fine. Did Facetime with my wife and that was fine as well.

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I had a problem with sound. It was not clear. My video was clear on the weekend. Noise was coming from the audio.

Almost always have problems with the audio and have to use my phone with the doxy video.

I have had the same issue. Either they can’t see/hear me, or I can’t see of hear them. Is this something that will be addressed soon?

I sure hope so. I switched from Chrome to Safari this afternoon. Works better. I still had to use my phone for one session. Am about to see another couple. Other days I have had to use the phone with them as well.

I often use the phone for audio: as soon as someone is having problems, I’ll call them and once they answer mute my mic and turn off my audio. I don’t have time to Futz with the sound and there’s not much to do to try and fix it.

I used Chrome and Safari and it was giving the same issues.

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I have found that sometimes if I restart my computer the audio and video is corrected.

I quite often find I have to switch browser. Chrome is usually fine but last week it suddenly had a hissy fit and I couldn’t hear my client. I switched to Firefox and all was well.

I am having the same problem with sound. Find your ideas helpful. Hopefully Doxy me
can come up with a trick.

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your post, Michael! Great discussion we are having here, thank y’all for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I want to go over a few steps that might help.

Are you on the correct device and browser?

For Windows Laptop/Desk: Chrome, Edge, Firefox (No Internet Explorer)
For Mac Laptop/iMac: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
For iPhone/iPad: Safari Only at this time (This may have brief audio clicking)
For Android Mobile/Tablet: Chrome, Edge, Samsung, Firefox (No I.E.)

Have you allowed camera and mic access? This will ensure that your equipment is ready for a session. I would encourage you to jump on your dashboard and take the pre-call test in the bottom left before your session. If you are running into issues with the pre-call test, are you using the right speaker, headphones, or camera/webcam? Sometimes you just need to switch your equipment. Here’s how:



You will be able to switch which microphone and camera you are using before or during a call. I actually have to do this when I have calls on because I have a few pairs of headphones and two webcams.

We utilize peer-to-peer technology , so understanding which side, you or your patient, the issue is rooted from is crucial to having a successful call. You can have a great call with one patient and a terrible call with the next or you could have all terrible calls or all wonderful calls! But if you are having issues, audio, video, or connection, my first recommendation would be to eliminate yourself. Let’s dive into that a little deeper.

Have you taken a speed test recently? If you are working at home or in office, I would encourage you to take a speed test in each location you perform appointments. What do your speed test results mean? Our support team can tell you if you aren’t meeting connection requirements and give you the tools and guidance necessary to improve your experience.

Now that you are on the compatible device and browser, you have the correct speaker, microphone, and/or camera, you completed a speed test at your current location, you should be all set on your end, unless you ran into any issues. This can impact your call. If you have any issues, our support team is eager to help get you successfully set up. Going through these steps successfully ensure that your side of the peer to peer connection is ready for your session. But you are only half of the equation here, your patient needs to be set up correctly as well.

For Patients: I would encourage them to go through the same steps as well.

  • Are you on the correct device and browser?
  • Is your equipment set up correctly and have you allowed access? Have you taken the pre-call test in the waiting room?
  • Have you took a speed test at your current location?

Going through these pre-appointment steps will help the call go as smoothly as possible, but if you run into any issues, you have us. We are always here to help and our resources are at your fingertips.

I hope this breakdown helped guide you in the right direction. Thank you again for utilizing this space to chat!


Paige Treadway

We are all trying every tool in our toolbox to resolve everything from the uncomfortable to the untenable.

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The way I see the current state of Doxy is based on the webRTC issue, until all users upgrade their operating system on iOS devices, providers and patients will continue to have issues. While I can control the provider side of the equation, I am in no position to insist, let alone support advocating patients update their OS. So that leaves me with the following choices.

  • Wait until enough time elapses to where all patients have newer phones or ultimately update their existing ones. ETA 3 to 5 years.

  • Live with the issues

  • Move to another platform

I get that this is not Doxy’s fault, but I see no other choice at this point than to move to a non-webRTC platform. Of course this means an application download for patients, but that is better than an OS upgrade and it will resolve the audio issues.

Someone please tell me I am wrong.

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I have been having these problems, too. My Mac OS and Chrome are current. I can’t control the client side of the equation. I can’t improve internet speed beyond what I have, nor can they. Sound issues seem to be introduced by the system on my side. The most recent one was a clicking sound that would only happen if I speak. And yes, in two sessions clients could hear me but couldn’t see me and I could hear and see them. There is one client where the audio issue seems to be on her side, so we use phones for the audio. Many sessions have video pixilation, some don’t. My colleagues who use Zoom and VSEE don’t have such complaints. Both of those platforms use an app installed on the client and therapist side. I also am thinking of moving on.

I switched from Chrome to Safari and it is now working. Thank you Paige for your comments. I will study them tomorrow when I am not seeing clients.
To Gary’s comments. I’m using High Sierra on my mid 2010 MacBook Pro. Apple is about to change chips on their higher end computers and I am hoping that my “antique” computer will last until those models role out. Therefore I am not up to date on the latest OS. I will limp along as best as I can. If this computer dies early, I will have to go with the current model that is much slower than the new one will be.

Yesterday was very problematic with clients unable to see or hear me and also unable to see my entries in the chat box. After too many hours yesterday trying to fix it, I called the support line this morning and Michelle fixed it in a few minutes. Seriously. Two steps: We cleared the cache and cookies, and we reset permissions for doxy to access the camera and microphone. Shazam. It’s been a wonderful day on doxy.

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The fact that there are so many complaints suggests to me that it isn’t a user problem, it’s a Doxy problem. I’ve experienced audio issues regardless of browser and even after the pre-call test says everything is fine. Doxy tells me sometimes that my network is the problem when my network is great and the speed tests confirm that and my other apps confirm that. It!s getting to the point where I may need a new service.

I used the services this week and no issues at all. I used it on Safari. When I first tested two weeks ago I had issues. So far so good.

Sadly I finally gave up and switched to vSee. My stress levels have gone down significantly. I am still testing the free one to one version but tech problems are so much less prevalent than with doxy. Doxy definitely has better user interface but the endless tech problems and “can you hear me now” finally did me in after one year of use.

Was told by Doxy that the Mac update to chrome was throwing off Doxy … and to use firefox or safari until Doxy resolves the issue. Not sure when that will be.