Clients not able to see/hear me in the last 2 days

This is very frustrating. ALL of my sessions have done the same thing. They start out good then after a few minutes client cannot see or hear me however I can still see them and hear them. This has been ALL clients this week. I have run the diagnostic check 3 times and says all is good to go… it’s not.


two out of four of my patients had not volume could not hear them they were on chrome one had no problem so frustrating

This was also happening with my sessions

This was happening to me as well last week. I called the support line and they were able to “turn on a few settings on the account that change the way we route your calls”. This seems to have made a difference for me. They said that they had a few inquiries about this issue in the past week or so.

DrJohnLin posted this similar issue and it worked very well for me. He posted step by step pictures that came through. They may have copied here as pics or as links. Good luck! ~ Gary



I kept getting “camera not available” (or similar) message in my Chrome while using Found this fix.

In Chrome, click on the camera icon in the upper right of the browser then click Manage:

Go down to Permissions and click on Camera:


Click on

Click on Clear Data:

Click Clear:

Let me know how this works for you!

I’ve had the same issue this week. Very frustrating for clients who are already frustrated.

Hi @jenifercooks. Sorry to hear you are running into some trouble. With more specific details, our support team can pull the backend data from the specific calls and try to identify if there were any errors or issues triggered on said calls.

I would suggest reaching out to them at your earliest convenience. You can find out how to contact support via our help article here.

This has been an ongoing problem occasionally for a few months and the client and I worked through it and usually did not have to use the phone. However the last two weeks have been really bad, and today I have been unable to have even one session on Doxy–we have used the phone for every session. Diagnostics on my end and my clients are good as are internet connections. Please help! I have some Very frustrated clients and they need their sessions.

I had the same problem i had to get my headphones from the office and use them whenever i use doxy