Client's not connecting

client’s get into the waiting room, but are not able to open up and start the session.

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Thank you for posting, @mjmtherapy. Are you able to give some additional details and the dates and times when this issue occurred?

Clients and I had trouble connecting on Tuesday and Thursday this week. I would go out to try to start over but it did not work so i had to use the phone with 3 clients. Very disappointing.

I noticed this was happening with a few clients. I contacted support and they informed me that if someone comes in to the waiting room then opens another browser to multi task while waiting the system will drop them from waiting room. I sent a system wide message to everyone to please not multi task while waiting & to close any additional open browsers and so far it has not been reported again.

My client on Wednesday (10/27) at 11 am could not connect as every time he tried, the message stated I was offline when I was actually signed in and waiting. Had to switch to phone call instead. Did not have this problem with anyone else all day.