Clients video doesn't work

For the past week, I have not been able to view half of my clients’ videos. All were problem free the week before. Does anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks.

I have not experienced similar issues - changed from one week to next any time recently. Sometimes when my webcam, microphone, or windows updates it reassigns devices to some other device. So, begin with (*) and here are other ideas:

My Answer To Another Person on Similar Issue

Yes! I have had this problem too. Mostly when clients are on mobile devices, but as original poster said, all were problem free in the past.

Thank you for your feedback. Can you provide the dates and times of these issues so I can investigate?

i am the original poster, and would add that this problem persists and affects 4-5 sessions per week. I have to switch to a different platform to conduct session. Frustrating, as I’m paying Doxy for this service. Is there reliable customer service here? Thanks. Tom

I have noticed my clients who did an Android update have lines on their screens.

This also happened to my client last week and we had to switch platforms. When we switched I noticed that he had a background on so I’m wondering if that was it.