Client's Video Not working

Client is able to do the pre-call test and see themself on the video. But for the snapshot and during the call it’s all black. We’ve checked permissions, access, nothing is blocking the lens, etc. Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?

Is this client on a cell phone or a PC/laptop?

If this is occurring on a PC/laptop we also have experienced a re-occurring issue where the camera preview will either appear black or display “No access to web cam”, although permissions in browser are set properly to allow camera. The “fix”, in my case, has been to simply reload the browser page. Using Microsoft Edge browser, but I have seen this occur in Chrome too. Occurs only the first time browser is launched. If left as-is, without a browser refresh/reload, the provider will not be able to see the patient during the call.

Wanted to share in case you were running into this same issue.

Thank you for posting, @amccarthynehs, and for your comments, @todd-schroeder. If either of you can give me the dates and times that these issues are occurring, I can see if we can find the issue that is causing it (and that is being resolved by refreshing the page) so that we might be able to prevent it from occurring in the future.

They are on a computer using a webcam. he has refreshed, i’ve restarted the call, etc. He says nothing is open on his end so he cannot figure out why it isn’t working. This set up has worked in the past only the last three weeks its been an issue.

Hi we meet every week on Monday’s at 1PM and it’s happened the past three weeks. Only him too, no other client.