Clinic account billing

Are you billed for provider accounts that are “disabled”? We have some providers who have left, which will be deleted, but some who are not ready for telemedicine as of yet, so we do not want to pay for their accounts. If they are disabled, do you pay for the account?

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You are billed per seat/license, whether a provider fills that seat/license or not. For example, you purchase 10 seats/licenses but you only have 5 providers on the account. You still pay for all 10 seats/licenses.

You can reduce seats and that will be reflected on your next billing cycle. When removing a provider from the account your first step is deleting the user and your second step is to decrease the seat (if you do not need it). Every clinic is different, some keep all 10 and fluctuate in providers, some only buy the number of seats they need.

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