Connection freezes

Why does my video and audio freeze quite often several minutes into a call? Sometimes it freezes and unfreezes momentraily and other times freezes permanently.

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I am having the same problem and then having to resort to FaceTime. If there is not a solution shortly, I will need to find a different platform.

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I am having the same issue the last week most of the time. At 5 minutes exactly, ( about 8 pts in a row now ) my audio stops and screen freezes on the patient’s end. I can see and hear them. I have resorted to telling them this will happen and to log in again. I do not see a solution and no tech support from DOXY>ME to help with this. My IT consultant looked and and could not correct this. I have had to resort to Facetime often and getting frustrated with this.

I have the same problem with patients who have poor connections and are using an iPhone. Usually they say they have 2 bars or less on their phone connection. It helps to have them log off and log back on and then to refresh my browser page.

Thank you. I have refreshed my browser page, but will try your suggestion about having them log off and then back on

Mine is doing great until about 40 minutes in. They leave and come back and I restart the webpage, but it stays the same. Will call reset correct that?

Mine does the same thing. I usually have to log out and back in. However, the other day I had to switch to Facetime. Does anyone know when should we expect this be corrected?

Last week in particular, it seemed worse. The clients in more remote areas have worse internet and now I loose the calls entirely! Even refreshing doesnt help and we make sure all streaming and other apps are not running. This is very frustrating.

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So it is hard to really answer this without more specifics about your hardware, software and network. As some general advice, I’ve asked a member of our tech team about this in the past, this is the answer they gave me: If your calls are consistently freezing or abruptly ending at the same point in the call (i.e., someone in this thread saying it happens at the 40 minute mark) then a possible explanation is that your device is running out of processing power after running for that amount of time. Restarting the computer might help with this.

If you would like more specific troubleshooting help, then I encourage you to use the help button on your dashboard. The bot there will recommend some solutions, and if they don’t help your message will be assigned to a member of our staff to try and help. This forum is not a good medium for back-and-forth troubleshooting, especially as multiple people pile into thread. There’s no reason to assume the same thing is the cause of the problems each of you here are experiencing.

For patients or providers with slow or unreliable internet connections, we can offer the advice found in our help center on improving your connection in your home or office.

I am having the same problem, the video freezes, I can see the client but they have a frozen shot of me. apparently doesn’t have customer service and the chat bot is frustrating. I don’t think I’ll be able to continue using this service.

Will it make a difference if I upgrade to the paid version? I just tried it with a couple of clients and the video/audio kept lagging and freezing.

I’m still having trouble with the patient’s end freezing and am resorting to Face Time more and more often. I’ve looked in the help section and haven’t found this topic. Would you let me know how to access it? Thank you!

If everyone is experiencing similar issues, then clearly these are universal problems. What is being done by Doxy behind the scenes to fix? And when should we expect them to be resolved? If there are no answers, many of us will be forced to jump ship. Thanks.

I having the same problem and my equipment is up to date. Who do I call to check this out. It is very irregular, some days not problem. Making me think it’s not me. I need to switch over to Zoom.

Elliott Friedeman, mD

My equipment is also up to date so the issue cannot be on my end. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a response by Doxy to our problem. This is a major issue. If it remains unresolved and there isn’t any communication within the next couple of weeks, I’m going elsewhere. More and more sites are popping up as alternatives in addition to Zoom.

I am also having issues with ’freezing up’ on both my end and the patients end. I have to resort to FaceTime frequently. This is clearly quite common among Doxy users. Where is the response from doxy?

no it wont dont waste your money

There doesn’t seem to be any accountability from Doxy. Please let me know if that changes for you.