Connectivity, audio/video quality and

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I had a call just last Saturday that was horrible on Facetime, but after switching to was perfect. I’m not sure how to explain that, to be honest. The internet is a crazy place? Facetime also does some pretty advanced things that they can take advantage of that us, as a browser-based service, can’t do.

Packet loss is a problem for sure. Let’s continue this conversation here about “connectivity” things, rather than the service being online.

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I agree the internet is a very crazy place right now. I have had to do do a facebook messenger video call the other day to fix a computer issue and it was horrible compared to to doxy. I have been on so many zoom meetings lately to and there are times its problematic to. I will say that all patients should use a regular internet connection if possible and not cell. That is were almost all the issues are in doxy and zoom. The internet usage is high and it will take awhile for the isp/cell companies to get more things online.

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WFH is exposing the level of under-provisioning of consumer/neighborhood connectivity. It’s the ‘health club’ model - if all the members actually show up, you’re toast. Well everyone is showing up and there’s not enough last mile bandwidth for everyone to be on video conference all day long. No quick fix, I’m afraid. YMMV.

I will also say some issues may not even be isp/doxy related. I have a couple old laptops that I put back out and they are having issues with the mics just quite working all together.(They may have never worked never used them before). It is a hardware / os issue.

I just signed up for the free version of after VSEE Messenger completely stopped working. I understand that all platforms are being overused now. Would paying for the platform make it work better or perhaps make it less likely to completely freeze? I don’t need the extra features but would be willing to pay if it would mean that I could see my clients. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hey @erikafalitbaiamonte what device are you using when it freezes? Does your video freeze, or does your participant’s?

A comment that was shared with me today:

“I can try to call our [ISP] company but we’re out in the boonies. Apparently there is only 1 fiber optic cable that comes in from ***** that provides all of the town’s services. Last year it got severed and the whole town when crazy. I’ll try calling anyway. See what they say.”

“Well, called ISP, they adjusted something on their end. Lo and behold quality might be better.”

Hi Dylan, I haven’t actually used it yet (tomorrow will be my first day) but I’m anticipating connectivity issues due to overuse of the platform. Unfortunately, I need to use my cell phone - on Wi-Fi. Would upgrading make the connectivity issues less likely?

Is it going to be a one-to-one call? iPhone or modern Android? If so, I would actually think it should be fine. As long as your patient has as a relatively modern device and WiFi.

That’s really relieving. Thank you! Yes, a one to one call. I have a modern android that will be using wi-fi and my clients will most likely have laptops or modern phones connected to Wi-Fi. I was on free VSEE messenger previously and they just closed completely due to overuse - leaving everyone stranded. I have 8 clients tomorrow so trying to come up with a solution. What would the benefit of upgrading be…other than supporting what seems to be a great service!?

I have upgraded in order to have three way calling as all of my families are not always quarantined in the same house.

Having connection issues…can’t start my call with safari…my patient is logged in

Refreshed the browser and cleared the history on safari. Able to start the video call.

in addition to clearing the history, did you also clear cookies?

I can’t think of why the history would matter so much, but clearing cookies or cache might. Just curious.

I believe clearing history also clears cookies on safari. Does anyone know if safari is available on windows?

Looks like safari for windows no longer supported

I decided to pay $35.00 and the first day and half was great now horrible. Two sessions with horrible sound on both sides. Had to just go to phone sessions. There is no support even though they say there is support. I read self help stuff checked my internet, which is super fast. This sucks I think since I can’t talk to anyone I just have to call my bank and cancel it.

I have signed up for the paid version. Connectivity is no better. About 30% of the time either the audio or video wont work. This is both with cell phone as well as wired connection on my end. On the patient end, it is almost always cell phone .