Consent for Groups

I’m new to online therapy. How do you all get consent from parents to run groups? I am a mental health counselor, employed directly by a school district. Now that we are working remotely because of COVID-19, I have started doing teletherapy. I think it would be great for the students to chat with eachother in group like they normally do at school. Would it be good enough if I explain the service in email and get parent consent through their response to my email? It has been hard reaching people but I am starting to have some success. It seems hard to send and receive documents because it’s another step that they would need to learn. I work with an urban population with a high poverty rate, so parents are struggling very much to keep up (worse than usual). If I need to do a document though, I’ll just have to coach them through it. It helps that there are “scanning” apps that you can use. I haven’t shared documents on here yet. Appreciate your suggestions!

Hi there. Welcome to It’s probably going to be difficult to not add a step to the process. Many providers are using the File Transfer feature or embedding the forms in the waiting room for patients to stop by and upload. I think with the national emergency all restrictions on how you communicate and send forms as been lifted, within reason. Pretty great thinking though using scanning apps. Feel free to visit our Help Center for more information on File Transfer and personalizing your waiting room to have documents there. Hope this helps. Stay well.

Thanks for the information and suggestions. Do you think they will have to print, sign, scan, and send a consent form to me? Is there a way to electronically sign? I’m about to hop on the website and look around some more.


Hi KAtie, I too am new to and the experience so far is excellent. I want to know about docu-sigantures too. Did oyu have anuthig you can shred with me? Thanks, Rose