Consent Forms (other than Telehealth)

We would like to be able to have patients complete a consent for release of information or other custom forms or questionnaires during the session. Sending files back and forth or redirecting patients to another site is cumbersome and risks losing the patient. Thanks!


:+1: fabulous idea :crossed_fingers:


That is a great suggestion and is being done by competitprs/ Progress notes and treatment plan templates would be great as well!

Would be a great enhancement to the platform.

Would teleconsent work?

Any PDF documents needing signature would be helpful. I’m not a medical professional but Doxy Professional has all the features I need except electronic signatures so this would help other professions needing a secure video meeting software that replicates face to face meetings.

Teleconsent would be a good start. But we would like to add release of information and other consent forms if possible. Thanks!

From what I can tell, it seems that the only way to do the consent is by sending them a document, and then getting it back from them. That part isn’t terrible. But what is very cumbersome from a patient side is if they are on a smart phone or mobile device, whatever you send goes straight to a download folder on their phone. So unless they are a very tech savvy user, they probably won’t be able to find the document they just downloaded from you, even if you include the ability to e-sign it. What would be nice at minimum is a temp file folder within Doxy that the patient could retrieve the document from, e-sign, and the provider could pull it back. The send and request functions are simple. It’s downloading and finding it again that is so cumbersome.

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Yes-I would love to have our patients complete registration/demographic forms within the platform (rather than download and upload–this is too challenging for many of our patients).